Long durability, excellent slip resistance and absorbency - these are the features of the TOALSON tennis grip tape.

You can feel these extremely high-quality properties of our basic grip tapes and overgrips immediately with every shot and game.

It helps you to literally have a firm grip on the racket without having to use unnecessary force, as is unfortunately the case with many grip tapes with a not particularly non-slip material and/or it comes to a too quick wear.

With the long durability and additional vibration damping, which is gentle on the arm and prevents tennis elbow, you will enjoy it for a long time. 

The soft stretchy and durable material scored "very good" in the test:

  • easy to wrap
  • more grip 
  • extremely non-slip
  • excellent absorbency
  • good secure feeling of impact 
  • vibration dampening - gentle on the arm
  • consistent performance
  • lasts longer than any other grip tape on the market

Our grip tapes are suitable for all rackets and all types of players.


Feel the difference!

Enjoy the ultimate grip on your tennis racket.

Treat yourself to one of the best grip tapes in the world!

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