TOALSON offers a wide range of the highest quality tennis strings.

For over 60 years, Toalson has been producing tennis strings of the highest quality with the highest quality raw materials in its own and Japan's largest factory.

For every type of player we have the right tennis racket and the optimal matching tennis string that sets new standards in

  • ball control
  • power
  • comfort
  • spin and
  • durability.

This is very essential as the tennis string is the only dynamic part of a tennis racket in contact with the ball. 

TOALSON engineers love to push tennis strings to the best ultimate level of quality,

regardless of monofilament or multifilament, as well as nylon, synthetic or polyester.


For individual tips on the right tennis string send an email request to:

or the ex Davis Cup player will be happy to advise you at any time by phone: 0664/160 5177!


Have your tennis racket strung with the optimal tennis string professionally and individually with the right weight!

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