Tennis Rackets

TOALSON offers the latest tennis racket generation with higher quality:

The innovation of Toalson lies in the frame improvement of our tennis rackets.  

It guarantees more handiness, vibration dampening, power and speed.

Our unique new tennis racket frames are softer and you can counteract pain, tennis arm and shoulder problems.

Our customers confirm this again and again.


Our carefully selected range of tennis rackets:


  • Professional tennis rackets: Forty Love and Mach Pro 97 
  • All-round rackets: S-Mach Tour and Spoon series
  • forgiving tennis rackets for beginners: OVR and S Mach Team 
  • low-priced children's rackets: T-Fire 
  • high-quality children's rackets: S-Mach Tour junior


If you want to get quickly better at tennis, then train with our newly developed training tools

Sweet Area and Power Swing Racket and also have a look at our special low-priced training packages and especially also the training aids newly developed on the market.


Treat yourself to the feeling of control paired with speed,

which takes the passion of tennis to new dimensions.


ACTION 2021: 

FREE with the purchase of a tennis racket: the perfectly matching high-quality tennis string, the damper and the perfect latest grip tape!

Buy tennis rackets online at TOALSON-Tennisshop/Top-Tennisrackets

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