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TOALSON - the new premium tennis racket generation with the highest quality

Feel the difference from the very first stroke

- more power, speed and control

- no more tennis elbow due to better vibration damping

We offer a wide range of tennis rackets for 

children, adults, seniors, hobby, tournament and professional players.

If you want to improve your accuracy, footwork and power, then train with our unique

SWEET AREA and POWER SWING training rackets.



with the purchase of a tennis racket: matching tennis string, muffler and premium grip band!

Get your tennis racket strung inexpensively, professionally and individually and click on the product "String your tennis racket"!

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OVR 117 Oversize Hobby...

The easy-to-handle Toalson OVR 117 is optimal for older tennis players and beginners, but also...

Price €180.00

S-MACH TEAM 265 Hobby...

The 265g qualitative TOALSON S-MACH TEAM supports you on every shot right from the start. With...

Price €139.00

S-MACH TOUR 25 Junior...

This high-quality professional tennis racket for children S-MACH TOUR jr. 25 is the smallest...

Price €85.50

S-MACH TOUR 26 Junior...

This high-quality professional tennis racket S-MACH TOUR jr. 26 for children is the little...

Price €85.50