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TOA STRINGS CO. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of top tennis products with 65 years of experience.

The Japanese company produces for many well-known tennis brands and sells its own brand TOALSON premium tennis equipment with the best price-performance ratio.

TOALSON products are characterised by the highest quality, the most modern manufacturing technologies and the best raw materials.

They optimise the hitting technique to the maximum and support the prevention of muscular and muscular strain.

Brand ambassadors of the world ranking, like Sophia Chang trust in TOALSON products.

TOALSON importer Udo Plamberger wishes you much success!

Ex Davis Cup player from Austria

* Coaches, stringers, tournament players receive special purchasing conditions!

TOALSON Sale + 5% on top on everything

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  • Grips

    Treat yourself to one of the best grip bands in the world! 

    TOALSON tennis grip tape guarantees you the highest quality:

    • extra long durability
    • excellent slip resistance
    • above-average grip and absorbency

    Our grip tapes are available in different thicknesses to suit all rackets and player types

    Feel the ultimate grip and the excellent control you can feel with every stroke!

  • Tennis Strings

    TOALSON tennis strings directly from the manufacturer with over 65 years of experience

    • highest quality with best playability
    • producer also of other famous tennis brands
    • most modern technologies and the best raw materials
    • improve your game to the maximum
    • play without discomfort with best vibration damping
    • outstanding speed, spin, power and control

    Convince yourself of one of our premium strings!

    Tense service from the tennis professional: "String your tennis racket!"

    Personal advice: +43 664 160 5177 / ask@toalson.at

  • Equipment

    Want to impress with the perfect finish?

    With our accessories selected just for you, you'll be ready for your next game!

  • Tennis Rackets


    As an ex-Davis Cup player, Udo Plamberger is committed to finding the best tennis racket for you.

    Advantages of TOALSON tennis rackets:

    • decades of research
    • best materials
    • latest technologies
    • highest quality
    • flexible frame construction
    • excellent vibration capability
    • arm-friendly grip technology
    • safe manoeuvrable ball reproduction

    I will be happy to advise you personally: +43 664 1605177 / ask@toalson.at


    STRINGING SERVICE FROM THE TENNIS PRO: "String your tennis racket"!

  • Tennis Bags

    A high-quality Eyecatcher TOALSON bag increases the durability of your tennis racket.

    Our backpacks, racket bags and tournament travel bags offer excellent protection and extra space for 1-12 rackets.

    So you always have all your tennis equipment at hand for your next training session, match or tournament.

  • Training Aids

    Optimise your game quickly and easily with tennis training aids!

    Our tested products make tennis healthier, more passionate and more successful.

    With Sweet Area, TopspinPro, Servemaster trainer and Hitpartner

    • you learn to improve your technique quickly and easily like a tennis pro.
    • achieve better ball control, more speed and power with your strokes
    • and is a lot of fun.

    High-quality orthopaedic socks, bandages and the Linnex Thermostick support your game in every situation.

    We are always happy to support coaches, clubs, tournament players and tennis shops!

    For further information please contact Importer Udo Plamberger +43 664 1607751 / ask@toalson.at

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