How and when should I restring the tennis racket?

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Many tennis companies, as well as Toalson, have already given up on pre-strung tennis rackets. For many, the focus may be on saving money on thousands of rackets, but not for Toalson.

The right stringing is important for your playing success.

Many tennis companies as well as Toalson have already given up on pre-stringing tennis rackets. For many, the focus may be on saving money on thousands of rackets, but not for Toalson. The company has a completely contrary approach to the stringing of tennis rackets due to their decades of development work on the technology of tennis strings. Imagine you have developed a top tennis string and are proud of it. Then they string it in many tennis rackets in advance and deliver it. A complete success, isn't it? 

But there is a small catch! - and this makes a big difference to the playability, arm-friendliness, playing pleasure, and the success of the tennis player and thus for the recommendation of the tennis string.

The right individual selection from the many different tennis strings that are now available in the tennis world is an essential factor. It should be adapted to the playing style of each tennis player and also to the tennis racket - be adjusted to the frame hardness and head size of the tennis racket.

The correctly adjusted stringing weight must also be taken into account here.

Strings that are strung too hard cause the tennis balls to be played too short and can also lead to arm problems. On the other hand, tennis strings that are too soft usually send the balls out of bounds.

Therefore, it is not advisable to buy a pre-strung tennis racket, but it would be best to seek advice. Note that incorrectly strung tennis strings or strings that are played too long can lead to tennis elbow, arm complaints and uncontrolled strokes.

When tennis rackets are roughly threaded in the factories in a few minutes, hardness and accuracy vary massively, plus a transport route of at least 10 to 12 weeks make any stringing seem more like an unnecessary evil than a professional benefit. It makes every professional stringer's hair stand on end when they tell him that they have already been playing with the original string for 5 months and perhaps still feel that it is OK.

So how and when should the tennis racket be restringed?

Do they have arm problems, do they hit the balls too far out or are the balls always too short or not precise enough? Do you lack experience or feel for it?

Find a good tennis coach, professional stringer or tennis pro who can recommend the right individual tennis string for you. You should do this immediately and you will be surprised how quickly you will learn to feel the tennis string and thus improve your game - without any complaints.

As an ex-professional Davis Cup player, long-time coach and tournament player, I can say from experience that there is an individual and specific tennis string for everyone, which enchants with its qualitative characteristics. Browse through the tennis strings tennis strings in our tennis shop and let your passion run free while testing them.

I will be happy to advise you on the right choice of tennis string so that you can quickly improve your tennis game with a lot of pleasure and without complaints.

Udo Plamberger wishes you much success!

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