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The string market is bustling and marketing companies inject a lot of imagination into almost every product. What characterizes a good tennis string with twist factor? How long does it keep its promise? Such questions play an important role in the development of a tennis string at Toalson. It forms the heart of each model, which matures and thrives over several months due to the developers' objectives in combination with the tennis player's playing experience.

Important for the right spin, spin, control and power of a tennis stroke is the optimal weight, constant elasticity and tension maintenance of the tennis string. Toalson tennis strings are produced directly by Toalson (we also produce for countless other tennis brands) and only the best ones are sold by our own brand TOLASON Japan by us in our tennis store.

They convince with the high quality and long durability, optimize your game and minimize the risk of injury.

Buying a tennis racket and having it strung with the right tennis string and weight - how am I supposed to know what's right for me.

How long has it been since you had your tennis racket restrung? Do you always hit your tennis strokes out of bounds, are the strokes always too short, is the impact already quite hard or do you even have problems with a tennis arm? Then please don't wait any longer and get your tennis racket restrung! You will feel the difference.

We are happy to help you find the best tennis string and the right stringing weight:

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