The Grip on your racket improves your tennis game

person Posted By: Udo Plamberger list In: Ratgeber

It's a no-go for stringers and me Udo Plamberger as a former professional player, if I can't remove the grip tape properly because it's been stuck to the racket for so long. It is frayed, no longer sucks, the colour resembles a dark grey tint and the racket keeps slipping out of my hand. Funny comment from the people concerned when I ask them if it can finally be a new grip tape- "Doesn't this one work anymore? Well then please change it - this band you gave me a year ago!"

It really shouldn't be like that and a certain cult is needed. Bands are just as important for the grip of the racket, as the right grip size is of underestimated importance. I can tell a good tennis grip tape by its stickiness and absorbency. If it still feels comfortable after playing and doesn't fray, then it has good durability and quality. A Toalson tape is still good to touch after several games, does not fray, which I can fully confirm from my own experience.

Different colors look great, however, I like to use lighter colors because they suck better. The coloring changes a little the feeling on the grip tape and so these are not identical to a white grip tape. This sucks the best and also shows the condition most honestly, when it should be changed.

Colorful colors still have its justification and look very good on the racket. For YEARS Toalson uses only the best materials and tries to keep the difference between the colors as small as possible. Suction power is extremely important to me and if the Ultra Grip or Neo Qucik with 0.5 mm thickness is not enough, I recommend the Power Grip - a tape that sucks even better with 0.7 mm and gives an extremely soft feel.

Just test it yourself and form your own opinion. Browse our tennis store for your individually matching tennis grip tape. A grip tape directly from the manufacturer Toalson will convince you and it will reduce the susceptibility to tennis elbow.

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