Quality directly from the manufacturer

Play healthy tennis with our premium products from TOALSON - avoid tennis elbow and shoulderproblems!

Toalson was founded 60 years ago by TOA Strings Co.,Ltd. a Japanese manufacturing company specialising in the highest quality tennis products - strings, badminton strings, grip tapes, tennis rackets, tennis bags, stringing machines, tennis training aids and various accessories.

Toa Strings also produces for many different well-known tennis brands and has built an excellent reputation worldwide and is used by players of all levels.

TOA Strings distributes its own branded tennis premium products under the Toalson brand name itself, offering top value for money.

Toalson offers racket products of the highest quality through their many years of know-how and state-of-the-art technology.

TOA Strings grip tapes convince millions of people worldwide due to the specially developed premium material.

Toalson engineers strive to develop the highest quality durable tennis strings to meet the needs of all types of players.

TOA Strings is one of the leading manufacturers in the world today. Our company policy will continue to be "The Uncompromising Pursuit of Superior Quality" along with our promise to our customers "Prompt and Best Service".

Toalson has also started to produce special training rackets. Step by step, more and more products are added, with the help of customers and coaches.

At Toalson we try very hard to make sure that our quality products are recognised worldwide. More and more players are convinced of our quality and therefore of our tennis rackets, tennis strings and grip tapes.


The ex Davis Cup player and importer Udo Plamberger, as an experienced professional player and coach of many years, supports many tournaments, tennis clubs and players worldwide.