Toalson has build up an excellent worldwide reputation with our equipment used by players of all standards.
Toalson is the brand name of TOA Strings providing top quality racket products through their long-term expertise and latest technology.
Toalson engineering staff are making every effort to develop strings to meet the needs of all types of players. Strings such as “Elastic Performance” , “Control Performance” , “Spin Performance” , Durability Performance” focus on our latest technology for one piece stringing.
TOA Strings have been manufacturing nylon strings since 1957, and we are justly proud of our present level of quality.
TOA Strings is now one of the Leading Manufacturers in the World.
Our company policy will continue in the future to be “ The Uncompromising Pursuit of Superior Quality “ along with our pledge as always to our customers of "Prompt Response and Best Service".
Our Worldwide Activities
In Toalson , we are trying hard to have our quality products achieve worldwide recognition. Toalson currently participate positively in sports shows all over the world and SMP now support many tournaments , tennis clubs and Junior players worldwide.