Delivery, transport, default of acceptance

Our sales prices do not include any costs for delivery. Upon request, however, we will provide or organise these services against separate payment. In this case, the actual costs incurred for transport or delivery, including an appropriate surcharge for overhead costs, but at least the freight and carriage charges for the selected type of transport applicable or customary on the day of delivery, shall be invoiced. In the case of any non-contractually agreed method of payment cash on delivery or payment on delivery, the following shall apply: If the customer has not taken delivery of the goods as agreed (default in acceptance), we shall be entitled, after setting a grace period to no avail, either to store the goods on our premises, for which we shall charge a storage fee of 0.1% of the gross invoice amount per calendar day or part thereof, or to store them at the customer's expense and risk with an authorised tradesman. At the same time, we are entitled either to insist on fulfilment of the contract or, after setting a reasonable period of grace of at least 2 weeks, to withdraw from the contract and to dispose of the goods elsewhere.

 Shipping costs

Shipping costs for the respective articles and delivery locations can be viewed at any time in the online shop and also in the order process.

Austria: € 5,99 incl. VAT

EU: € 9,90 incl. VAT

For deliveries to non-EU countries, import duties may be charged separately by authorities or delivery companies. These are not taken into account in the shipping costs and must be paid additionally to the relevant customs duty issuers.

h.2) Collection

Collection by customers (self-collection) is possible in principle. If agreed, the company may be granted the additional payment option "payment on collection". This option does not apply to consumers.

h.3) Damage due to transport:

Obvious transport damage must be claimed immediately from the deliverer and SMP GmbH must be notified. If the customer fails to contact or complain to the delivery agent in due time, the customer shall not lose any legal claims (e.g. warranty) arising therefrom.

i) Delivery period