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The TOALSON POWER GRIP is a thicker 0.7mm tennis overgrip that is extremely sweat-wicking. A super soft-feeling grip designed for all player types. Grip sizes that are too small can be adapted with it.

  • absorbs even better
  • dries faster
  • improves racket control enormously
  • extremely durable 
  • ideal for tournament players

Remove the foil on both sides before applying the grip!

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The TOALSON POWER GRIP is designed for all types of players who are looking for an extra sweat-wicking tennis overgrip plus a supersoft feel.

With a thickness of 0.7 mm, this grip tape is thicker than normal grip tapes. A grip size that is too small can be adapted perfectly.

Due to the thickness, it also has better suction - white grip tapes in particular have the advantage here, as they have not been dyed and the suction power is best compared to dyed darker overgrips.

The adhesive and quick-drying properties also increase slip resistance and racket control.

Due to the high quality, this grip tape is very durable and is used by all tennis players from beginners, all-round and tournament players.



Thickness x width x length: 0.7mm x 27mm x 1,150mm.

Colours: white

Contents: 10 x 3 pieces

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