Ecotech Replacement Grip Box 10 pcs Basic Grips

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The high quality Toalson ECOTECH thin tennis base grip tape of the top class is very grippy and soft,

which gives you a very good feel on the tennis racket and improves racket control enormously.

Thickness: 1,75mm

Colour: black

Piece: 10 grips in a box

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This Toalson basic grip tape ECOTECH is one of the best in the tennis world.

It is thin, very grippy and soft.

In addition, the Basic Grip is easy to wrap.

Because it absorbs vibrations very well, you get an excellent feel for the stroke and excellent stroke control.

Used by many professionals.



Colour: black   

Thickness x width x length: 1.75mm x 25mm x 1,100mm

Piece: 10 Grips in a box

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