Ultra Grip Zipper 30 pcs Overgrips

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The grip tape with the best and longest grip in the practical zip bag with 30 pieces.

ULTRA GRIP Zipper - 30 white/green/black grips on 2 rolls - an extra absorbent tennis overgrip with super soft feel designed for all types of players - our best-selling product - our players are convinced of it. 

  • quick drying,
  • improves racket control,
  • very long lasting,
  • best suited for allround and tournament players

Thickness: super thin - 0.5mm

Piece: 2 rolls - 30 pieces

Before applying the grip tape, remove the foil on both sides!

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ULTRA GRIP Zipper - 30 pieces white/ green/ black Grips distributed on 2 rolls

Ultra Grip Zipper - 30 white pieces in a small zipper bag is designed for every type of players,

who are looking for an absorbent grip plus a supersoft feel.

The ULTRA GRIP improves racket control through sticky and quick drying properties.

Due to the high quality, the overgrip is very durable and is used by beginners, allround- and tournament players and especially by professional players.

Our best-selling item worldwide!



Thickness x width x length: 0.5mm x 27mm x 1,150mm

Colours: white, green, black

Content: 2 rolls - in total 30 pieces

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