Toalson FORTY LOVE qualitative Tournament - Tennis Racket
  • Toalson FORTY LOVE qualitative Tournament - Tennis Racket

Forty Love

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The latest tennis racket model series Forty Love 305gr with thin frame and new string pattern 16x20 increases stroke control with full power and speed - especially suitable for tournament players!



FREE available: optimal fitting tennis string ASTERPOLY, damper and perfect overgrip!

Get your tennis racket professionally and individually strung right away and click on the product "String your tennis racket"!

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The new Forty Love series features a continuous narrow frame and a new string pattern of 16x20, this increases control and reduces string wear.

This extremely high quality tennis racket was developed primarily for frequent, tournament and professional players.

The balance point is kept very neutral, as with all top tennis rackets, which promises a maneuverable and easy handling.

The matched weight guarantees you a powerful stroke and very fast balls as the acceleration is extremely increased.

The optimal string for this is the newly developed Asterpoly 119.

Once you have tried this ingenious tennis racket, you don´t want to let it out of your hand anymore!



Frame: 22mm

Weight: 305g +/- 4

Balance: 315mm

String pattern: 16x20

Grip: 2, 3

Colour: black/blue

Racket: unstrung

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