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Tennis Racket professional stringing at Toalson.at
  • Tennis Racket professional stringing at Toalson.at
  • Tennis Racket professional stringing at TOALSON with original TOALSON Tennis Strings
  • Tennis Racket professional stringing at Toalson - Sweet Area 320 with TOLASON Nylon Tennis String
  • Professional tennis racket stringing at TOALSON with polyester tournament professional tennis strings

String your tennis racket!

€12.04 Save 15%
Delivery time 1-10 days depending on country


Have your tennis racket professionally and individually strung with the optimal tennis string at a reasonable price!

We are happy to help you if you have questions about the right choice of strings and stringing weight.

  • If you want to have your ready-made tennis racket sent to you, no problem!
  • Of course, you can also drop off and pick up your racket directly from us.  

WHERE: Gmunden - Bad Ischl - Ebensee

> Tel.: +43 664 1605177

With purchase of a tennis racket optimally suitably GRATIS in addition: String + Dämfer - grip tape

(without buying a racket with string and grip tape: 26€)

Tension main: 21
Tension cross: 20
In Stock

  Personal Advice

Ex-Davis Cup player Udo Plamberger is available personally by phone or e-mail for you.

  Fast Delivery

We pack and ship immediately after receiving your payment.

  Free shipping from 130€

Shipping for Austria from 130€ free of charge. 5% for newsletter sign up.

Have your tennis racket individually and professionally accurately strung with the Toalson electronic stringing machine!

Ready for your next match?

The correct stringing of your tennis racket is important for your playing success and your healthy training.

A new tennis string individually strung for you provides more ball control, power, speed and spin.

Over time, the string loses tension and your strokes lose length, acceleration and power.

Also arm complaints, such as the notorious tennis elbow are often the result.

How often should I string my racket?

Generally speaking, at least as many times a year as you play tennis during the week.

How hard should I string my racket?

Tennis racket type, playing ability, tennis stroke execution are to be considered!

We will be glad to advise you!

If your wish differs from the recommended tennis string, please note it under remarks when buying a tennis racket or send us

a mail to: ask@toalson.at.

As an ex Davis Cup player, Udo Plamberge will be happy to advise you individually and professionally.

Toalson phone: +43/664/160 51 77

So you are perfectly prepared for your next tennis match.

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