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Toalson Power Swing 500g - Tennis Racket for strength/swing/warm-up Tennis Training
  • Toalson Power Swing 500g - Tennis Racket for strength/swing/warm-up Tennis Training
  • Toalson Power Swing 400gr - Strength/Swing/Warm-up Training Tennis Racket
  • Toalson Power Swing - Strength/Swing/Warm-up Training Tennis Racket 400/500g
  • TOALSON Training Tennis Rackets - 400/500gr Strength and Sweet Spot Hitting Training
  • Toalson Training Tennis Racket - Strength and Sweet Spot Training
  • Toalson Power Swing 500g - tennis racket for strength/swing/warm-up Tennis Training
  • TOALSON Tournament Professional Tennis Rackets and Training Rackets

POWER SWING 400/500g Training Racket

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Are your balls not fast and powerful enough? Do you run out of power during a match?

POWER SWING RACKET, specially developed by TOALSON, is an ingenious new strength and swing training racket! 


  • is ideal for players of all levels with a weight of 400gr and 500gr depending on ability and strength.
  • has an optimal match of weight, balance, grip and frame.
  • is optimal for warming up and training.
  • leads to a fast strengthening workout.
  • improves the correct swing movement for the right height and alignment of the strokes 
  • achieves enormous acceleration due to the heavy weight
  • achieves extremely powerful strokes


  • It's the best way to warm up. 
  • You will quickly gain strength and endurance.
  • Your powerful and fast strokes and your endurance will make your opponents despair.

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Grip: 2
Weight: 400g

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POWER SWING RACKET is a newly developed power/swing training racket from TOALSON.

IT IS OPTIMAL FOR players of all levels with a weight of 400gr and 500gr depending on ability and strength.

In the past, a weight was attached to the tennis racket to strengthen the arm muscles.

This new training tool is designed like a normal tennis racket. It has the advantage that the heavy weight, the balance, the grip and the frame match perfectly.


  • for warming up and as stroke training
  • quickly improves strength and endurance
  • less fatigue during games
  • the movement/technique becomes more stable and cleaner
  • less swinging at block + volley - better point of impact/more control
  • the stroke is better carried through to the end
  • is therefore easy on the arm
  • and at the same time helps to achieve a higher swing speed with your strokes
  • he acceleration of the club and the swing movement improves enormously

The POWER SWING training racket is available in 2 different weight classes - recommendation:

> 400gr for youngsters, beginners, female tennis players, retired players and also advanced players with less power.

> 500gr for advanced, tournament and professional players with more power


Material: carbon graphite + glass fibre

Racket head: 645cm²

Length: 69cm

Weight: 400g / 500g

Frame profile: (Max/Min)20mm/20mm

Grip: 2

Racket: unstrung

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