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New TOALSON tennis racket Forty Love 290g
  • New TOALSON tennis racket Forty Love 290g
  • Tennis Racket TOALSON - Tournament Racket FORTY LOVE 290g with thinner Frame - String Pattern 16x20
  • Tennis Racket TOALSON FORTY LOVE 290g tournament tennis racket buy online
  • Toalson tennis racket Forty Love 290g with ultimate acceleration
  • Buy TOALSON tennis racket Forty Love 290g
  • Brand new TOALSON tennis racket Forty Love 290g
  • Toalson tennis racket Forty Love 290g with Flex Counter Parts

FORTY LOVE 290 Tournament Racket

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Brand new tennis racket with the ultimate acceleration on your shots?

TOALSON FORTY LOVE model 2023 has the latest technology that can control and accelerate balls even better.

  • New competition oriented model with 290g increases stroke control, power and speed by 20%
  • Thinner frame with slope from outside to inside for excellent acceleration
  • Highly Elastic FLEX Premium Carbon 30T frame for excellent playability
  • String pattern: 16x20 improves string performance, durability and spinability
  • Enlarged sweet spot for perfect accuracy 
  • Trapezoidal frame for reduced string wear and maximum control

ACTION FREE: perfectly fitting tennis string ASTERPOLY 119, damper and perfect grip tape 3 pack with a value of 27,-!

Now professional stringing: "String your tennis racket!"

Grip: 2

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The new competition model TOALSON Forty Love with 290g was developed especially for experienced frequent, tournament and professional players.

  • This high-quality tennis racket has been perfected to increase stroke control, power and acceleration.
  • This is supported by the Toalson Asterpoly 119 tennis string, which was specially developed for this racket.
  • With speed and precision, the TOALSON Forty Love convinces every tournament player.

Narrow Frame throughout with Rake Angle 

from the outside to the inside of the frame reduces air resistance and increases acceleration to the max

Highly Elastic Premium Carbon 30T

is now additionally built into the conventional frame stringers. This improves the control performance and the power of the strokes.

String Pattern: 16x20 

maximises string power and durability. It develops an optimised and straight feel and spin joy.

Enlarged Sweet Spot 

enable the ball to be hit stably even on off-centre shots

Trapezoidal Frame 

additionally optimises string performance, acceleration and control behaviour

Flex Counter Parts

Wobble when hitting the upper part of the frame has been reduced, further improving control performance and making it easier for players to hit the ball they intended.


Frame: 22mm

Weight: 290g +/- 4

Balance: 315mm

String pattern: 16x20

Grip: 2, 3

Colour: black/blue

Racket: unstrung

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