SPOON PW 102 Oversize Allround Tennis Racket

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At 285g with a minimally larger flexible frame at the tip and lateral stiffening, the Tolason Spoon PW 102 is a handy to play forgiving tennis racket.

At ball impact, the center of the racket head takes on a spoon shape, reducing impact pressure.

You thus retain control and return balls with a lot of power and speed with minimal arm-friendly effort!

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With a 102sq or 658cm² head, the Spoon PW 102 is only slightly larger than most tennis rackets, making it more forgiving of shots outside the sweetspot.

The flexible frame at the tip and the stiffening at the side reduce the impact from the opponent and you get better control.

You can also achieve high ball speeds with little effort as the frame flexes and the centre of the head takes on a spoon shape. 

With a weight of 285g and a well-balanced balance point, this racquet is very manageable, and with the slightly wider frame it accelerates enormously while being easy on the arm.

Add an Asterista string and your tennis pleasure is complete.


Material Breath Carbon Fiber
Grip Size G2,G3
Head Size 102 sq.inch
Length 27 inch
Weight 285g/+5g
Balance 325mm

Racket:                          unstrung

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