Toalson S-Mach Team 265 - ideal lightweight and handy Beginner Tennis Racket
  • Toalson S-Mach Team 265 - ideal lightweight and handy Beginner Tennis Racket
  • S-MACH TEAM 265 Hobby Tennis Racket with Speed
  • Toalson Lightweight Tennis Racket S-Mach Team 265 - racket for juniurs and ladies with less strength
  • Beginner tennis racket Toalson S-Mach Team 265 black-red / light and handy

S-MACH TEAM 265 Comfort Racket

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An ideal comfort racket that quickly advances your game with ease

  • TOALSON S-MACH TEAM is a 265gr light quality racket.
  • Suitable for ambitious tennis beginners, youth and hobby players
  • Larger hitting surface with enlarged sweet spot makes hitting the ball easier and more forgiving
  • Gives you control and a very good feel with every stroke
  • The vibration dampening prevents tennis elbow
  • The player does not have to exert a lot of force to hit the ball to the other side
  • The racket helps you to improve quickly and easily

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Grip: 2
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With 265 grams, the TOALSON S-MACH TEAM is a quality lightweight among tennis rackets.

This has the advantage that the handling and manoeuvrability of this racket cannot be better.

The hitting area is enlarged - it is 103sq inch - this gives you control and gives you security with every shot.

Its special Sweet Area Technology with a larger sweet spot offers more comfort and forgives mistakes or balls that are not hit exactly in the middle of the clubface.

The racket adapts perfectly to every playing situation and is ideal for tennis beginners, hobby players and youngsters who want to advance their game quickly.

With optimal the balanced point, the racket head doesn´t hang down and with the additional vibration dampening, this tennis racket supports you in every playing situation....

The S-MACH TEAM is a very comfortable, arm-friendly racket for beginners and hobby players that helps you to learn tennis with fun and ease and to progress quickly. 


Head Size: 103 sq. inch

Length: 27 inch

Weight: average 265g

Balance: average 315 mm  

String Pattern: 16x 19

Handle: 1, 2

Racket: unstrung

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