S-MACH PRO 97 295 Pro Tournament Tennis Racket

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The TOALSON S Mach Pro 97 295 is the tennis racket with the best playability for tournament and professional players with a weight of 295 grams.

The most innovative technologies, the highest quality premium materials, the newly developed carbon frame construction and the enormously elastic handle guarantee an incredibly safe, powerful and at the same time easily maneuverable feel with the best vibration damping.

With all strokes you achieve unprecedented acceleration and spin strokes.

A tennis racket with which you never lose control.


ATION FREE: perfectly fitting tennis string RENCON or LASER, damper and perfect grip tape!

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The TOALSON S-Mach Pro 97 295 tennis racket is the lighter of the PRO 97 series.

This tennis racket is designed specifically for tournament and professional players, promising you a "bomb serve", targeted volleys, forehands and backhands with extreme power, speed and control.

The new Pro Carbon frame construction is only 21mm wide, making it 2.5mm thinner than the Mach Tour racket. The air resistance is thus reduced, the swing speed and ball speed increased to the maximum without you having to use more power. 

The newly developed carbon premium material reduces vibrations at the top of the frame, improving safety and control on every shot.

The super-elastic rubber material in the grip section can reduce unwanted vibrations that occur outside the sweet spot, so you always have a safe, powerful yet arm-friendly feel on every shot.

This S-Mach Pro 295 pro racket will help you reach your best level of play. With the weight of 295gr it is ideal for professional players, many coaches and also male tournament players switch to this extremely high quality professional racket.



Handle: 2.3

Head size: 626cm²

Length: 68cm

Weight: 295g +/-5g

Balance point: 330mm +/-5mm

String pattern: 16 x 19

Material: high elastic carbon/ premium carbon 30T with very high strength and elasticity

Racket: unstrung

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