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Buy Tennis Racket TOP Toalson S MACH PRO97 295 Tournament Racket black-green online!
  • Buy Tennis Racket TOP Toalson S MACH PRO97 295 Tournament Racket black-green online!
  • Buy TOP Tennis Racket Toalson S MACH PRO97 295   - Pro Tournmanent Racket black-green online with best playability
  • Buy TOP Tennis Racket Toalson S MACH PRO97 295 Tournament Racket black-green online!
  • Tennis Racket Toalson S MACH PRO 97 295g Professional Tournament Tennis Racket
  • Tennis Rackets Toalson S MACH PRO 97 - Professional Tournament Tennis Racket
  • Toalson S MACH PRO 97 295 g Pro Tournament Tennis Racket

S-MACH PRO 97 295 Tournament Racket

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Get the S-Mach Pro feel

The S-Mach Pro 295g tournament racket perfects every stroke and makes it an unbeatable control weapon.

  • Perfect blend of power, speed, control and unique flexibility
  • Patented Flex Premium Carbon Frame Construction 30T for perfect shot placement and control
  • Synergy Spin Hole System delivers incredible spin and slice performance 
  • Super Elastic Grip for best vibration absorption and easy manoeuvrability
  • Grand Power System for powerful, forgiving ball return
  • HEX torque frame generates enormous speed
  • The pro model with 295g convinces especially frequent players, tournament players as well as professional players

ATION FREE: perfectly fitting tennis string LASER, damper and perfect grip tape!

Now professional stringing: "String your tennis racket!"

Grip: 1

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The S-Mach Pro 97 295 tennis racket is the lighter of the PRO 97 series.

This professional racket will help you reach your maximum level of play.

Designed specifically for tournament and professional players, it promises a "bomb serve", powerful fast strokes, targeted volleys, spin and slice.

Flex Premium Carbon 30T Frame Counter Parts

The new TOALSON premium material Carbon 30T is now additionally integrated into the conventional Flex Counter Parts. It further improves control performance and makes it easier for the player to hit the ball powerfully.

HEX Torque Frame

The shaft is shortened to minimise drag. The shape of the club neck prevents the club from twisting even on off-centre shots. The feedback of the ball and thus achieves exceptional high swing speed.

Superelastic Rubber Grip

The PRO Series features Super Elastic Rubber in the grip section to absorb uncomfortable vibrations and provide an easily manoeuvrable feel.

Synergy Spin Hole System

The inner width of the main string holes is 2.2 mm and the cross string holes 1.7 mm. This creates a synergistic effect that results in sophisticated spin and slice behaviour. 

Grand Power System

The camber of the frame has been shifted 2 cm towards the tip at 3:09. This way the sweet spot is at the top position and a powerful and exciting flight can be achieved even if the ball is not hit exactly. 



Handle: 1, 2, 3

Head size: 626cm²

Length: 68cm

Weight: 295g +/-5g

Balance point: 330mm +/-5mm

String pattern: 16 x 19

Material: highly elastic premium carbon 30T  

Racket: unstrung

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