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Toalson Tennis String RENCON DEVIL SPIN - String Set
  • Toalson Tennis String RENCON DEVIL SPIN - String Set
  • Toalson Tennis String RENCON DEVIL SPIN - the String with the best Topspin

Rencon Devil Spin Set 125-130

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Toalson Rencon DEVIL SPIN Co-Polyester Tennis String - 

the most durable string for excellent, powerful, fast spin.

Three raised monofilament cores provide three rough surfaces for excellent spin on ball impact.

Strength: 125
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The monofilament string construction of Rencon DEVIL SPIN is unique.

Three outstanding string monofilaments create three rough surfaces for excellent spin at tennis ball impact.

This structure increases your trajectory and adds tremendous spin to your shots. The cross-section remains because it is incorporated into the structure and therefore not abraded.

The most effective string if you want ultimate spin with lots of power and control!



Colour: black

Gauge: 1.25, 1.30mm

Spin: 5 out of 5

Control: 4.5 from 5

Power: 4.5 out of 5

Durability: 5 out of 5

Comfort: 3.5 from 5

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