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Tennis Serve Training with the Serve Trainer/ServeMaster 2Ball - learn to serve like a pro!
  • Tennis Serve Training with the Serve Trainer/ServeMaster 2Ball - learn to serve like a pro!
  • Tennis Serve Training with the Servetrainer/ServeMaster 2Ball
  • Tennis Serve Training with the ServeMaster/Trainer 2Ball
  • Tennis Serve Training with the Serve Trainer "ServeMaster 2Ball" - learn to serve like a pro!
  • Tennis Serve Training with the ServeMaster/Trainer 2Ball
  • Serve Training with the ServeMaster-Training Package 1-2-3Ball

ServeMaster 2Ball

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Learn to serve like a pro - with lots of speed and power - the best tennis serve training!

The Serve Trainer/ServeMaster - an indispensable tennis training tool to learn the correct serve quickly and easily.

The 2-Ball ServeMaster is a technique tennis training device for junior players, beginners and all-round players, female tennis players and smaller players of all levels.

The tennis racket handle, heavy weight and length have been specially designed for proper swing execution.

The Serve Trainer is perfect because it is

  • always and everywhere ready for use
  • for training, warming up, strengthening
  • for learning and practicing serve and all tennis strokes
  • for injury prevention and rehabilitation

Learning what a natural, efficient and flowing stroke technique feels like accelerates learning to hit even without the ball.

Tennis players, coaches, professionals and tennis schools use the best ServeMaster already available in the world and in the tennis market - also already used in the Austrian Tennis Teacher Training in the practical part.

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The SERVETRAINER/ServeMaster - a new tennis training tool to help you learn proper flowing serving technique quickly and easily.

ServeMaster shows you the right grip. You can practice tennis anytime and anywhere to master the correct grip technique and subsequently the correct swing execution of the serve.

An indispensable SERVETRAINING-SLAYER that, because of its normal tennis racket grip and weight and optimal length, is perfect for coordination training and a continuous flowing learning sequence of the correct serve movements and also all other strokes.

Feel what a true flat, slice, kick and topspin serve should feel like - The ServeMaster also helps you with timing and placement.

The SERVEMASTER can be used not only for practicing serves, but also as technique training for forehand, backhand and overhead serves.

It is also perfect for movement drills, dynamic warm-up, stretching and strengthening and tempo training and as injury prevention before tournaments and after shoulder, arm and hand injuries for rehabilitation.

Also master the continental grip: the hooks on the ServeMaster correspond to a tennis racket and show you how to hold your racket correctly to achieve the most natural serving motion possible.

Feel the acceleration of each stroke and see for yourself how you have quickly and easily improved with your tennis racket after using the SERVETRAINER.

COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS are available at www.thetotalserve.com.



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ServeMaster 2Ball

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