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Push Sports Elbow Brace Epi - tennis elbow training aid
  • Push Sports Elbow Brace Epi - tennis elbow training aid
  • Push Sports Elbow Brace Epi - tennis arm training aid
  • Push Sports Elbow Brace Epi
  • Push Sports Elbow Brace Epi

Push Sports Elbow Brace Epi

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The support especially for athletes

With its polymer pad, the Push Sports elbow support Epi exerts targeted pressure on the extensor and flexor muscles of the elbow joint, thus relieving the tendon insertion at the elbow joint. By means of the closure loop, it can be continuously adjusted and the pressure individually increased. The soft and breathable material ensures a high wearing comfort.

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Pressure that builds up

The elasticity of the pad and a stretchy section in the strap ensure that the pressure of the support builds up slowly.

Easy to put on

Thanks to the closure loop and non-slip pad, the support can be put on with one hand. The pressure is continuously adjustable.

Unhindered arm movement

The narrow support sits on the forearm, allowing unrestricted flexion and extension of the elbow.


Push Sports elbow brace Epi is suitable for treatment of tennis elbow and golfer's elbow (epicondylitis lateralis or medialis).


In the following cases you should consult your doctor before using the product:

*Skin diseases or injuries in the area of application, especially if there are signs of inflammation such as redness, heating or swelling

*Sensory and circulatory disorders in the area of application

*Lymphatic drainage disorders as well as ambiguous swellings


Push Sports elbow brace Epi is universal for both left and right elbow.

Available in one universal size (maximum circumference 36 cm).

The correct fitting

The proper fit of the Push Sports Elbow Brace Epi is necessary for it to be fully effective. Watch the video to see how to put the product on correctly.

Good to know

Proper application of the Push Sports Elbow Brace Epi may require a diagnosis from a physician or therapist.

Initial application of the product must be done and demonstrated by trained professionals.

Keep the product information so that you can refer to the donning instructions later.

Also consult your dealer if the product needs to be customized.

Before each use, check your Push Sports Bandage for signs of wear or aging of parts/sewing. This is because optimal performance of your support can only be guaranteed if the product is in perfect condition.

The correct use of the Push Sports elbow support Epi

   Instructions for washing and caring for your aid

Please wash the support before using it for the first time.

Close all Velcro fasteners and wash the support in a washing net at a maximum of 30°C. Use mild detergent without softeners and rinse the support well.

Shape the bandage and allow it to air dry. Please do not dry the bandage in the dryer, on the heater or in direct sunlight and do not iron it.

To maintain the quality of the bandage, please do not use dry cleaners, bleach, gasoline or fabric softener.

Do not apply any greasy or acidic agents, ointments or lotions to the skin in the application area. These substances can attack the material.

Do not store the bandage damp or wet in a bag.

Store the bandage dry and protected from sun and heat, if possible in the original packaging.

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