MFT Challenge Disc 2.0 Bluetooth

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The new MFT Challenge Disc 2.0 Bluetooth analyses your balance, strengthens your muscles and becomes a trainer with the app, where training/therapy programmes and training games quickly lead to success.

Now new with Bluetooth sensor!

For ambitious athletes and for therapy.

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MFT Challenge Disc 2.0 - the digital balance board

+ MFT Bodyteamwork App with Feedback Function

+ MFT Balance Sensor Bluetooth

The MFT Challenge Disc 2.0 is a digital balance board and specifically trains your balance ability, strengthens your muscles and becomes a trainer with the app. Training/therapy programmes and training games quickly help you to succeed. The MFT Challenge Disc 2.0 is now available in our shop with one- and two-legged test and training programmes for ambitious athletes and in physiotherapy.

The latest technology of the MFT Challenge Disc 2.0 convinces with motion sensors with a Bluetooth module for wireless communication with an iOS, MAC OS, Android, Amazon OS or Windows mobile device or notebook. It automatically recognises how well you can compensate for movements and maintain balance, and you receive a training recommendation at which level the training should be started. An optimally individualised training level enables athletes and seniors to make rapid progress. The constant feedback provides additional motivation during training and makes it a lot of fun.

Special features of the MFT Bodyteamwork App for the Challenge Disc 2.0:

  • The MFT Challenge Disc 2.0 creates tests for standard values of your two-legged and one-legged coordination/balance, these can be saved, printed out and also sent by e-mail.
  • The MFT Challenge Disc can be used to carry out standardised coordination tests for two-legged and one-legged training and therapy programmes, training games and test evaluations.

The disc is compatible with Windows, Android, Amazon OS and Apple.

Areas of application

Sports and performance centres, physiotherapy, home training, personal training, fitness studio, rehabilitation centre.

Training goal

Performance improvement in sports, health training (healthy back, healthy joints), balance training, coordination training, preservation of freedom of movement, fall prevention training.

Training intensity

Daily 10 - 30 minutes

Target group

Athletes, fitness-conscious people, children, seniors

  • Performance enhancement
  • Strengthens your back
  • Keeps your joints healthy
  • Provides more concentration and creativity

MFT brand products guarantee patented top quality!

Developed together with renowned therapists and training institutes and produced exclusively in EU countries.

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