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Dynamics Plus Epicondylitis-Bandage
  • Dynamics Plus Epicondylitis-Bandage
  • Dynamics Plus Epicondylitis-Bandage
  • Dynamics Plus Epicondylitis-Bandage
  • Dynamics Plus Epicondylitis-Bandage

Dynamics Plus Epicondylitis-Bandage

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The intelligent orthopedic care.

The Dynamics Plus Epicondylitis Brace is based on a unique therapy concept that specifically targets the causes of tennis and golfer's elbow. A large-area pad acts as a damping body on the forearm - it absorbs vibrations and reduces the transmission of stimuli to the elbow.

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Plus pad

A large-area gel pad provides targeted relief for the tendon insertions at the elbow. The Plus pad acts as a cushioning body on the forearm muscles. It absorbs vibrations caused by hand and finger movements. The load forces on the elbow are reduced so that the tendon insertions can regenerate. For optimum wearing properties, the pad is made of medical polyurethane with a skin-friendly textile cover. Longitudinal grooves ensure a snug fit, while the flattened edges ensure a slim fit of the support even under clothing.Latex-free knitted bandage

A comfortable knitted bandage fixes the Plus pad to the forearm. Thanks to light compression and anatomical fit, it sits comfortably and securely. The functions of the support blend with the innovative honeycomb design, for which Dynamics Plus products have already won several awards. The latex-free microfiber knit with open-pored fine structure ensures high breathability.

Removable Velcro strap

An elastic Velcro strap can be attached to the support for an even more secure wearing experience. Individually adjustable, it ensures a firm fit.

Stretchy end edges

Another extra for optimum wearing comfort are the end edges of the Dynamics Plus epicondylitis support, which are knitted to reduce pressure and are elastically linked. Pleasantly flat and with a high stretch reserve, they ensure a gentle transition to the skin without cutting in.

Sizing system

For sizing the brace, the circumference is measured at the strongest part of the forearm.

Sizes / Circumference (cm)

1 / 21,5 – 23 cm  :  2 /  23 – 25,5 cm :  3 / 25,5 – 27,5 cm :  4 /  27,5 – 30 cm :  5 / 30 – 32,5 cm

 Measurement of circumference at the strongest part of the forearm

Proven to work against the causes of tennis elbow.

The Dynamics Plus Epicondylitis Bandage offers an alternative principle of action against tennis elbow: instead of selective pressure, a large-area gel pad is applied to the forearm. As a cushion, it is intended to reduce the transmission of stimuli to the elbow so that the inflammation can heal. The aim of a published study was to test this principle of action (OUP 11/2017).

The result: the Dynamics Plus Epicondylitis Bandage has been shown to reduce muscle activity when playing tennis. In addition, the muscles also oscillate less than with a classic elbow brace. This suggests that the large-area pad reduces muscle vibration and thus relieves the strain on the tendon origins. In this way, the brace successfully addresses the causes of tennis elbow. Since the active principle is not based on immobilization, the Dynamics Plus Epicondylitis Bandage is particularly suitable for active patients.


The Dynamics Plus Epicondylitis Bandage is suitable for the treatment of the following indications:

Tennis elbow (epicondylitis humeri radialis)

Golfer's elbow (epicondylitis humeri ulnaris)


In the following cases you should consult your doctor before using the product:

Skin diseases or injuries in the area of application, especially if there are signs of inflammation such as redness, heating or swelling.

Sensory and circulatory disorders in the area of application

Lymphatic drainage disorders as well as ambiguous swellings

The correct fitting

Proper fit of the Dynamics Plus Epicondylitis Brace is necessary for it to be fully effective.

1)   2) 

1) To put on the bandage, open the elastic strap. Pull the further end of the bandage over the forearm, not the elbow. For tennis elbow, the pad must be on the upper side of the forearm, for golfer's elbow on the lower side. Please wear the bandage directly on the skin - only in this way can it develop its effect.

2) If necessary, you can put on the separate Velcro strap for better hold. To do this, attach the narrow Velcro fastener of the strap to the fleece band on the bandage. Now guide the strap around the arm and close it loosely. Please make sure that the product is not too tight to avoid constriction.

Good to know

*Initial fitting and application of the product as well as instruction in proper, safe use must be performed by trained, medical/orthopedic personnel.

*Wear the product directly on the skin. It may only be worn on intact skin. If it is to be worn in combination with other products, please discuss this with your  physician beforehand.

*Unless otherwise prescribed, the product should be taken off during longer periods of rest (e.g. when sleeping).

*If an unpleasant feeling, increased pain or other discomfort occurs while wearing the product, discontinue use and contact your doctor or specialist dealer.

Colors and design

 The Dynamics Plus Epicondylitis Bandage is available in noble carbon and can be used as a universal version for both right and left tennis and golfer's elbow.

The correct use of the Dynamics Plus Epicondylitis Bandage.

 Instructions for washing and carying for your support:

*Please wash the support before first use and regularly thereafter.

*Before washing, remove the pad from the bandage and close the Velcro strap. Do not machine wash the pad. Please clean the pad with a damp cloth or wash it by hand with mild soapy water.

*Wash the support separately in a laundry bag at a maximum of 30°C. Use a mild detergent without softeners (e.g. Ofa Clean special detergent) and rinse the support well. It can be spun gently, but please do not wring it out.

*Shape the bandage and let it air dry. Please do not dry the bandage in the dryer, on the heater or in direct sunlight and do not iron it.

*In order to maintain the quality of the product, please do not use chemical detergents, bleach, gasoline or fabric softener.

*Do not apply greasy or acidic agents, ointments or lotions to the skin in the application area. These substances can attack the material.

*Store the bandage dry and protected from sun and heat, if possible in the original packaging. Please dispose of the bandage at the end of its service life in accordance with local regulations.

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