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TopspinPro Tennis Training Aid - Topspin Training - Topspin learn fast and easy
  • TopspinPro Tennis Training Aid - Topspin Training - Topspin learn fast and easy
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  • TopspinPro Tennis-Training Aid Original - Topspin Tennis Training
  • TopspinPro Tennis Training - Learn Topspin when and where you want

TopspinPro Tennis Training Aid Original

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TopspinPro - the original tennis training aid - already known in over 80 countries.

Tennis Training - play and learn topspin in just 2 minutes a day!

Control the ball with your learned topspin!

  • Watch - imitate - learn with pleasure
  • learn the topspin quickly and easily
  • individual always and everywhere ready for use

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  Personal Advice

Ex-Davis Cup player Udo Plamberger is available personally by phone or e-mail for you.

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We pack and ship immediately after receiving your payment.

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TopspinPro Tennis Training Aid is easy to assemble and quickly ready for use - always and everywhere.

The location varies from the garden, the shooting wall or the tennis court.

The TopspsinPro is your tennis trainer.

Watch, try and feel how the ball spins - learn with fun and success!

It's so easy to learn and improve strokes with the right tennis training tool.

With a proper forward spin of the ball on a shot, you can make any opponent's game more difficult.

With the Topspin you control the ball and play tennis like a pro with power and precision.

I, Udo Plamberger, former Davis Cup player and tennis coach, recommend you to play light topspin strokes on this training aid - not too sharp, at best light round flowing rotational movements upwards and forwards are sufficient to make the topspin ball rotate.

Goal: The training ball on the TopspinPro training aid should constantly rotate rhythmically.

Have fun with your TopspinPro Tennis Trainer - you will be thrilled!

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